The smart way to go solar - the Sunmetrix way!

Solar panels for my home

Going solar is gaining in popularity but if you are thinking of making the transition, then you want to go about it in the smartest way possible. Would you buy a car without taking a test drive, or researching your options, consulting reviews and shopping around for the best price? Installing solar panels is a similarly expensive undertaking, on the order of $15,000 for an average 5 kW system. But what you get with solar panels that you don't get with most cars, is an investment, not just one that pays off in your bank account under the right circumstances, up to thousands of dollars per year over their average lifetime of 25 years, but one that is also an investment in a cleaner future.

Do your research with WhatNextNow Solar Discover

Doing some of your own research and getting some preliminary numbers is a great first step. You can get a ton of useful information and numbers using our solar energy calculator, WhatNextNow Solar Discover, which doesn't require any registration and is free to use. We have also put together a comprehensive guide to financing your solar panels and a breakdown of what they cost. From there you can check out the tax credits, solar rebates and other financial incentives available to you in the United States or in Canada. And if you want to learn more about a particular solar topic, we offer you more than 250 articles about solar energy that are full of practical information to help you as you navigate this important decision.  Just visit the Learn section of our website and see all the great articles we've written for you!

Check out installer reviews

Speaking of installers, you might be wondering how to proceed when it comes to selecting which company to work with. We have a comprehensive database of highly-rated installers with reviews from homeowners just like you. You can search the list of installers in your area by ratings or distance and each installer has a dedicated page with more details about their company.

Get multiple quotes

Lastly, getting quotes - you've heard the advice before: it pays to get more than one quote. We encourage homeowners to get three because it's not until you speak with the installers and that you receive their quote, that you can choose the installer that is the best fit for you.

We want to help you through the process of initial research to selecting installers for your quotes. At WhatNextNow Solar, it is our mission to help homeowners go solar, one home at a time!