Historical Romance Novels

Historical romance novels fall under the broader category of historical fiction, in other words stories and novels that take place in the past. In this case, one might also argue that they belong under the category of romance novels, so it is only fair that some of these books can be found in either category or sub-category. As romance novels that take place in the past, naturally they also address the topic of love. Many people don’t distinguish between romances and novels, perhaps owing to the great number of novels that address the theme of love. Below, we provide you with a sampling of some of the most popular historical romance novels.

There are so many sub sub-categories in romance, from Harlequin romances, to LGQBT romance, to paranormal, that we could (and will!) have pages dedicated to these and other specific romance genres. In the meantime, feel free to navigate through the various genres listed on the right, or use the search tool to find specific authors or titles.