Best Book Club Books

Book Clubs are great ways to discover and learn from new books in the company of friends. Sharing different perspectives on the same book reveals new interpretations and helps us discover elements of a book that might otherwise have been overlooked. Not to mention, book clubs are a wonderful way to steal a few hours of friendship and enlightened discussion from our busy lives!

Are you looking for book club suggestions? We've put together some excellent suggestions below, but if your book club likes to focus on a particular genre, you can also explore the genre categories on the right hand side, or try out our book recommender to find something that fits with your taste in books. We love it when readers land on an unexpected gem, so have fun discovering What Next Now.

We know that buying books to keep up with your book club reading list can get expensive. That's why some libraries offer \"book club bags\" with multiple copies of the same book for exactly this purpose, so it might be worth talking to your local library to see if this is a service they offer. Moreoever, some books that are particulary popular book club books come with accompanying guides or suggested questions and discussion topics. This can be very useful to get the ball rolling as you delve into the finer points of the book.